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Rapid Molecular Pathogen Detection

The only test you should order for your patient is the one that could lead to a better outcome.

VIKOR SCIENTIFIC™ is a market leader in providing targeted, molecular diagnostics and is focused on developing solutions to improve clinical and economic outcomes.

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Pathogen Detection

It’s About Results

We specialize in customizing molecular diagnostic panels to accurately detect and quantify pathogen loads within 12-24 hours of specimen arrival at the lab.

  • Noninvasive Collection Technique
  • Rapid & Accurate Diagnosis
  • Simultaneous Pathogen Detection
  • Unaffected by Current Medications
  • Avoidance of Unnecessary Antibiotics
  • Antibiotic Resistance Gene Testing

How We Do It

Groundbreaking Technology

VIKOR SCIENTIFIC introduces ABXAssist™, an intelligent, molecular diagnostic solution that can be accessed from any mobile device, web-portal or EHR. This is a unique, data-driven approach that combines precise, molecular pathogen and resistance gene detection with sensitivity and susceptibility data. ABXAssist™ supports clinicians in providing the most targeted and customized treatment plan for their patients.

VIKOR offers the most extensive Resistance Gene Testing Panel on the market today, identifying 49 resistance genes that could prevent ineffective antibiotic therapy, including the genes for the enzymes associated with ESBL, which can have even worse outcomes than MRSA.

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