Nail fungal infections are known to be very common conditions, especially in the aging population.

However, bacterial infections and skin disorders can mimic the fungal presentation and may lead clinicians to choose ineffective treatment regimens.

The diagnosis of nail infections can take up to 3-4 weeks with conventional techniques and the treatment protocols are complicated, costly and carry risks. A patient’s quality of life is negatively impacted for most individuals, and particular subsets of the population with diabetes and immunocompromised systems can experience significant complications leading to secondary infections and amputations.

The utilization of advanced molecular PCR technology has proven to be more sensitive and specific than culture results and can help clinicians rapidly identify the causative agent(s) before developing a treatment plan.1

1 Emam Sherin M. & Osama H. Abd El-salam (2016). Real-time PCR: A rapid and sensitive method fordiagnosis of dermatophyte induced onychomycosis,a comparative study. Alexandria Journal of Medicine, Vol. 52, 83-90

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Clinical Solution

Vikor Scientific™ offers the clinician access to the most advanced molecular methodology for pathogen detection, quantification, and resistance gene identification. Vikor delivers rapid and precise results simultaneously through a value-based technology platform, ABXAssist™, which incorporates regional sensitivity and susceptibility patterns, medication costs, antibiotic spectrum of activity, and FDA guidance.

The end product is a patient-centered, value-based care solution that enables providers to make informed treatment decisions that could avoid inappropriate therapy, excess costs, adverse drug events and the progression of disease.

Clinical Advantages

  • Prevents Delays in Diagnosis & Treatment (*24 hrs. Post Lab Arrival)
  • Detects Polymicrobial Infections Simultaneously
  • Identifies 30 Antibiotic Resistance Genes
  • Unaffected by Concurrent Medications
  • Reduces Unnecessary Drug Exposure and Adverse Events
  • Decreases the Progression and Spread of Infection
  • Provides Up-to-Date Regional Sensitivity & Susceptibility Patterns
  • Improves Selection of Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics
  • Prepares Clinicians to Make Cost-Sensitive Treatment Decisions
  • Easily Accessible (Mobile, Web-portal or EHR Integration)

* Test results could be delayed in some circumstances when there is error in clerical documentation, collections, lab handling, or a delay in shipping.