Flu Shot

Prevention of Seasonal Influenza with Vaccines

Recommendations for use of vaccines in the prevention and control of influenza during flu season.

Bacteria Close Up

Superbugs Found in Majority of Meat

Nearly 80% of meat in U.S. supermarkets contains antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to EWG.

Microbiology and Virology

Superbugs are Going to Eat Us Alive

Only a global effort to prevent overuse of antibiotics can halt the threat of drug-resistant diseases.


Deadly Superbug Just Got Scarier

Colistin-heteroresistant germs can mysteriously thwart last-resort drug and now they’re in the U.S.

Taking Medicine

Adverse Events with Antibiotic Use in Patients

Recent findings underscore the importance of judicious antibiotic prescribing to reduce ADEs in hospital patients.